Consultancy in eCRM and Emailing

Consultants Specialized in eCRM and Email Marketing

With more than 25 years of combined experience, our emailing and eCRM consultants stay at your side guiding you through the conception of your strategies and your projects progress. At the end, we want to you to be independent and fully able to take decisions on the subjects we discuss during our consultancy.

Our role as consultants is to provide practical advises which are fully-customized to your needs and your environment. Badsender will never hand out and old dusty copy-and-paste audit from former clients, nor will daze you with a 200-page-long theoretical manual. Instead, we provide targeted and easy-to-apply advices, close to the actual reality of your operational environment

eCRM and Emailing Strategy

Are you starting or willing to review your strategy thoroughly? We perform a tailor-made 360-degree audit on your eCRM and emailing strategy.

Choosing Emailing and eCRM Campaign Management Tools

After our consultant teams have analyzed your needs, we will put the possible solutions on the table to work afterwards hand-in-hand to pick up the most accurate software solution according to your urges.

Audit and Deliverability Monitoring

A complete deliverability analysis: This regards data quality, technical technology, email content, etc. It also includes monitoring of the enhancements performed.

Emailing Diagnosis

We will list the weakness and strengths of your newsletters. This list will empower you to optimize your emailing activity.

Strategic Coaching

Badsender offers a follow-up coaching service, enabling you to make the most out of your eCRM strategy and to improve performances.