Choosing the Management Tools for Email and eCRM Campaigns

Are you feeling restricted by your email sending solution? You want to automate your eCRM programs, but your framework does not allow it? The number of campaign management systems on the market is growing higher, and choosing the one compatible with your needs is not always as simple as a piece of cake.

Badsender guides you all the way from defining your needs, choosing best eCRM solution selection, to setting out the specifications and creation of a redaction and evaluation grid.

What is to be delivered:

  • An audit, empowering us to utterly identify your actual practices and to compile a list of upgrades, which are to be brought by the new solution.
  • Request for information, this will be sent to the selected solutions, so that they will be able to write the most accurate proposal.
  • Evaluation grid, conceived to select the right eCRM and email solution based on specific criteria.

In practice:

  • An audit of your actual practices, enhanced with a marketing point of view, detecting the potential email-strategy improvement points.
  • Writing a Request for information (RFI) and an analysis grid, based on your needs.
  • A “shortlist” including the suppliers best placed to answer your RFI.
  • Sending the specifications to the selected suppliers.
  • Reception and analysis of the proposals sent by the suppliers corresponding to the aforesaid specifications. Choosing the best platform.
  • Interviewing the most accurate platform supplier having complied the best to your specific criteria.
  • Operational follow-up of the chosen platform implementation.

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