Strategic Follow-up and Emailing/eCRM Coaching

Need a coach? Want a piece of advice from an outsider regarding your emailing and eCRM practices? Badsender’s strategic follow-up offers you customized guidance hand-in-hand during all your campaigns.

Badsender’s first priority is to render you independent. Our goal is to guide you and to teach you as much as possible about the tools at your disposal empowering to enhance your eCRM approach.

What will this strategic follow-up provide you with?

  • Proofreading of the Campaign Briefing.
  • Optimization proposals (AB testing, multivariate testing, content, etc).
  • Advice on design and ergonomics.
  • Advices on copy content.
  • Subject-line proposals.
  • Advice concerning the targeting and segmentation on your addresses.
  • Technical Integration follow-up.
  • Analysis on corrected proof.
  • Other.

In practice:

This strategic follow-up consists of several cycles of longer or shorter periods (about 1 and 3 months):

  • Workshops defining the priorities of the cycle as well as analyzing the former cycle results.
  • Set up of priorities.
  • Campaign Management.
  • Outcome Evaluation.
  • New workshop.

The evaluation includes the workshop planning stage. It consists of:

  • Gathering up the advices shown on campaigns.
  • Analyzing the campaigns cycle’s recommendations.
  • Writing the roadmap recommendations.

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