Audit and Deliverability Monitoring

Are you experiencing poor email-results and you do not know which path to follow? Are your frequently blocked by certain Webmails? Are some of your emails received as spam?

We provide advice throughout your deliverability process, including technical as well as marketing issues. Badsender aim is to guide you up and to improve your practices, helping you to become independent in the email deliverability arena.

The deliverability audit is composed of the following:

  • Technical Audit: Check up of the technical settings, authentication management (SPF, DKIM, etc), IP addresses planning, blacklist monitoring, differentiation between marketing and transactional content, among others.
  • Improvement of the database quality: Deliverability is highly influenced by the interaction of your subscribers. That means: good complaint management, regular bounce clean-up, inactive users handling, etc.
  • Email Content: Filtering content is one of the oldest methods deployed to detect spam. For that reason, nowadays it is still important to build-up an email according to the proper methods.
  • Sender’s Identity Management: Your ID is the key stone of your reputation as an email sender. The cleaner it is, the less spam-risky it will be considered.
  • Some other piece of advice: Deliverability goes way beyond the last 4 points, and you should be aware that plenty of other factors may influence it.

What is to be delivered:

  • Analysis of over more than 30 points to let you know what is your current stage: Each point will be delivered with advices, helping you improve your situation.
  • Workshops where you will encounter people involved in this process (technical, data management, content production, etc).
  • Deliverability Roadmap Creation: We will provide you with a priority list, from the most relevant to the less one.
  • Roadmap Creation and Presentation: We will present the outcome of the audit and clarify point per point if necessary.
  • Customized follow-up through the implementation of the advices provided (upon request).

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