Strategic Audit of eCRM and Emailing

Sometimes, it is hard to get some perspective on our own practices. This is why it is useful to call an outsider expert who will properly analyze the way you work, reason and produce. The main goal of this strategic audit is to build together a roadmap allowing you not only to improve your email marketing program, but also your whole eCRM strategy.

Badsender seeks to work with you hand-in-hand to build a long term strategy, matching perfectly your business model.

This strategic audit includes:

  • Outcome methods (briefings, communication among teams, etc).
  • Subscription process to your program (sources, forms, welcoming program, etc).
  • Analysis of your messages, emails, newsletters and advertising emails (opening-rate, ergonomics, interaction, etc).
  • eCRM Data Management (qualification, segmentation,etc).
  • Methods to optimize your campaign (AB tests, multiple tests, etc).
  • Transactional Messages (confirmation, reactivation, etc).
  • Other.

What is to be delivered:

The goal of the audit is to provide, during several workshops, a strategic analysis and to reach conclusions including:

  • A list with priority actions to be deployed.
  • A roadmap settled through several months.
  • A test and optimization planning.

In Practice:

  • Layout of a scenario for the brainstorm day.
  • A brainstorm day in your company (business model, production methods, goals, KPI, etc).
  • Writing the audit and the roadmap proposals.
  • A half-day presentation of the audit and the roadmap. Afterwards: decision-making time.

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