Emailing diagnosis, a simple mean to know how to improve your emails

You want to know how to improve your emails, but you don’t know where to start? Emailing is more complex than it seems, but it doesn’t take much to optimize it.

We help you to set up the diagnosis of your newsletter. Not a long boring document, nor a list of strong factors to keep —because there will always be one— and of one of weak factors to improve your practices. These points are shown by importance order in order to help you visualize your priorities.

The diagnosis elements include:

  • Emails ergonomics analysis.
  • Subject-line examination.
  • HTML code control.
  • Copy analysis.
  • Sending technology checkup.
  • Some other factors linked to emailing activity.

What is to be delivered:

  • A list of the strong and weak factors of emailing activity.
  • A phone call introducing the results and answering questions.

In practice:

  • You send your newsletter to an address we will let you available.
  • We test and analyze your newsletter.
  • We send you the results in a written document.
  • A phone call is planned to present the outcomes and to answer any questions.

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