Email marketing news of the week: Email intelligence and digital analytics (and more)

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edm-designer-logoWhy Email Intelligence is the Future of Email Marketing

Email marketing still works really well these days and consumers rank it as they favorite marketing channel to receive promotions from brands. The big email marketing trend has been – and still is – personalization as marketers have realized that one-size-fits-all emails do not work anymore.

logo-smart-insightsHow to structure a digital analytics team

What are the ideal roles for an effective data analytics or business intelligence team ? Creating teams within a business is a complex task, one that involves a wide range of skills, some of which are hard to quantify. Should you put similar people together in the hope they’ll ‘get each other’, be more productive and ‘get on great’? Or should you mix lots very different people with different skills sets together so they can combine their strengths and cover one another’s weaknesses?

logo-emma10 brands that upped their email game this holiday season

To be fair, we went into this holiday season expecting brands to step up their email game. After all, it’s the most competitive time of the year for marketers, with send volumes skyrocketing to unprecedented levels each December. But now that we’ve entered the new year, it’s safe to say that not only did our favorite brands truly step it up during the holidays – they completely exceeded our expectations! Here are some of our favorite picks from the past couple of weeks. Read on to see 11 crazy-good holiday emails (we loved one brand’s so much we featured two of theirs) – maybe they’ll even help inspire your own marketing in 2016!

logo-emailonacidRetrospective: Email Trends in 2015

Email is not dead! In fact, according to DMA’s Statistical Fact Book, seven in ten (72%) consumers prefer to be contacted by email rather than snail mail and text message. This data underscores the fact that email is still the best way to contact customers directly. Done right, it can be personal, relevant and timely in a way that no other channel can replicate. Though email continues to be powerful, that doesn’t mean it’s staying exactly the same.

benchmark-email-logoInspirational Feeds for Your 2016 Email Campaigns

The hardest thing is to put pen to paper. Even marketing managers, who aren’t necessarily creative types or content curators, have a hard time with what to actually draft up in an email marketing campaign. This becomes a special type of challenge when you’re on an aggressive schedule, sharing campaigns weekly or sometimes even more than that.

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