Email marketing news of the week: Think Email Is Dying?

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logo-entrepreneurThink Email Is Dying? Get Real. You Just Need a Better Strategy.

Email is dead? Not so fast. Ever since Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg made her highly visibly pronouncement that email was going away five years ago, the debate about the usefulness and longevity of email has raged. With new generations embracing new communication tools and apps every day, there might just be a strong argument that it could outlive its usefulness.

litmus-logoWill We Ever Have Email Coding Standards?

Email’s greatest strength is that it’s an open platform that no one company controls. That’s also its greatest weakness, leading to inconsistencies in deliverability and rendering. The latter is the bane of email designers’ existence.

Because inconsistent coding support makes designing emails so cumbersome, we asked marketers if they thought there will ever be a generally accepted set of email coding standards. It’s worth noting that we considered putting a timeframe on the question, such as within the next 5 or 10 years, but decided to leave it open-ended to get the most optimistic response possible.

oracle-logoHow a CMO Can Build a Modern Marketing Organization

Like every other word or phrase in marketing lexicon, the term “modern marketing” has a myriad of definitions across the globe. A North American marketer may have a different answer than one say in Japan or the UK. But in many ways it is irrelevant for whether you call it 21st century marketing, next-gen marketing, marketing in the digital age or simply modern marketing — it’s time to transform your marketing organization to use data, technology and content to deliver more meaningful customer experiences at every touch point along the decision and usage journeys.

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