Email marketing news of the week : The Email Productivity Trade-off

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edatasource-logoThe Email Productivity Trade-off

Smoldering in the eternal tug-of-war between email marketers and their management taskmasters is the philosophical contention around optimal email quantities, and how deep in the customer file to mail. A corollary issue centers on optimal email subscriber contact frequencies.The classic discussion I’ve had with clients on these subjects usually includes someone of senior rank stating, with authority and finality, “I don’t care what you say about optimizing. All I know is that the more I mail, the more business I drive.”

aweber-logoIntroducing Campaigns: Your New Email Automation Platform

When AWeber created the first autoresponder way back in 1998, we helped change the way businesses connect with their customers. These days, there’s a lot more noise out there – both in and out of the inbox. Making those meaningful connections can be tough, but it’s also more important than ever.

litmus-logoIntroducing Instant Previews + Checklist: Send With Confidence Every Time

At Litmus we want to make email testing easier. We want you to be able to send with confidence every time. To help get you closer to that goal, I’m thrilled to introduce two major new improvements: Instant Previews and Checklist. Once you try them for yourself you’ll see how you can spend less time fixing problems and more time creating new possibilities with email.

oracle-logoMarketers Need to Focus on Prospects’ Behaviors, Not Demographics

Marketing is often about treating the largest groups of prospects and customers the same. This is how we scale. We aggregate data. We use demographic data, but we don’t always look at our prospects’ behaviors that indicate their intent. According to Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, who spoke at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, behavior is the most important thing to focus on.

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