Email marketing news of the week : Gmail, We Need To Talk

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logo-techcrunchGmail, We Need To Talk

Dear Gmail: Two years ago, you launched an ambitious endeavor with to bring a new level of richness to email. allowed senders to embed rich meta data in email that allowed any modern email client, not just Gmail, to present actionable items within email.

From subject-line actions that allow the recipient to rate a product or service without opening the email to real-time updates of airline reservation information within an email, it felt like Gmail was taking the lead in email innovation.

logo-mailchimpMailChimp Pro Adds Advanced Segmentation, 50 Merge Fields, Inbox Preview, and More

When we launched MailChimp Pro a couple months ago, we talked a lot about how excited we were to empower our quickly growing users with lists of more than 50,000. We told you MailChimp Pro was powered by purpose and democratized by design. But we also mentioned that it was a journey, a work in progress, that we’d be adding to it and iterating on it in the future. That starts today.

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