Email marketing news of the week: Interactive emails ?

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logo-getresponseAre Interactive Emails The Next Big Thing?

Email has a bad reputation. Too many people think of it as being stodgy….static… boring. People like you – people who would read an email marketing blog – know better. Email isn’t stodgy at all. Especially when you break out the ROI charts comparing it to other channels. From that view, email is downright sexy.The difference between the two views is in how you practice email marketing. Boring content wrapped up in an uninspiring email design, with the same email going to every subscriber is indeed boring.

logo-campaign-monitor10 epic email marketing predictions for 2016

Email marketing has been a top performing marketing channel for ten years in a row. Sixty-eight percent of companies rank email marketing as “excellent” or “good” based on the return on investment. With the best ROIs of any marketing tactic – a $38 return for every dollar spent, it’s easy to see why email is here to stay. The reason email has been able to thrive is its ability to engage, connect and most of all, evolve.

james-blogHTML email in Outlook Mail on Windows 10, a total mess

Outlook Mail is the new “Universal App” and default email client on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. It shares a somewhat familiar Microsoft Word engine core similar to its desktop predecessors. Earlier on in the year I wrote about the Outlook Mail app when it arrived in preview form via the Windows Insider programme. What I found was a very different email experience to what was previous seen on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone 8/8.1. Months later and with Windows 10 (PC) officially released, new Windows 10 Mobile devices now in the market and with pre-existing Windows Phone 8.1 devices being prepared to receive the upgrade very soon, how have things changed? In this article I’ll cover the problems with Outlook Mail and what I think Microsoft need to do to fix it.

logo-emailonacidFirst Look: iPad Pro Mail App

The iPad Pro just recently became available, and it’s had mixed reviews so far. We thought we’d grab one and see how it handles email.

First off, this thing is HUGE. The screen is 12.9 inches, with 78% more real estate than the 9.7 inch iPad Air 2. The icons on the home screen look like they are floating in an ocean of empty space. The iPad Pro also has a retina screen, which allows it to pack in twice as many physical pixels as its display parameters would otherwise indicate. Its resolution is 2732 x 2048 at 226 pixels per inch.

oracle-logoGood Email Deliverability Strategy Can Transform Your Marketing Program

Today’s email marketers are expected to manage email deliverability. In addition to everything else that goes into good email marketing, deliverability can no longer be ignored or left to chance. In fact, good email deliverability can significantly improve email marketing performance. Consider this: If you can deliver your email messages to the Gmail inbox rather than the spam folder, you’ll transform your email marketing program. If you can go from blocked to unblocked, you’ll see huge results from your efforts. Well, you can.

litmus-logoTop 10 Most Tested Email Clients in 2015

With each passing year, the number of applications and devices that people use to check their email grows. As a result, an email marketer’s job gets a bit more complicated with each passing year, as the areas in which to focus testing efforts reach a tipping point, preventing many email marketers from identifying the most efficient way to test.

Which email clients are most popular with my subscribers? Which have the most rendering quirks? Which take the most time to troubleshoot?

logo-emma3 tips for effective online fundraising in 2016

Nonprofits can’t do the great work they do without the necessary resources – and by resources, we mean donations. Thanks to the internet and social media, there’s an unprecedented level of opportunity for great causes to make their voices heard and attract those much needed $$. But the digital space is so crowded that it can be extremely difficult to stand out against all the noise.

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