Email marketing news of the week : The mobile revolution

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logo-movable-inkThe mobile revolution : Email edition

It’s become so ubiquitous that most of us don’t even think about it anymore. But take a second to look around yourself as you walk down the street or drive down the highway and notice how many people you see are talking, texting or just looking at a smart phone at any given moment of the day.

oracle-logoNew Tool Helps Marketers Use Email Deliverability Data

Email Deliverability is one of the most important, but also one of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of email marketing. Just about all RFPs that go out in our industry contain multiple questions about deliverability. Marketers know that getting messages to the Inbox is critical to the overall success of their program.

display-block-logoEmail Analysis: Campbell’s Kitchen

My first impressions of this email were very positive. I’m a big fan of the very understated design, using colours fantastically well to emphasise different areas of the email. I also love how they have used colours to clearly define different sections of the email. It also gets bonus points for being mobile optimised, adapting well to smaller devices.

logo-campaign-monitorThe real scoop on email emoji in subject lines

Do you ❤ emoji? It seems an increasing number of brands do. All kinds of businesses are jumping on the emoji bandwagon. Even Facebook recently announced Reactions, in which users (in Ireland and Spain for now) will be able to add emoji alongside the usual thumbs-up icon.

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