Email marketing news of the week: “oops!” emails

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logo-emma6 clever examples of “oops!” emails

Whether it’s due to complicated tech issues or just plain ol’ human error, marketers are bound to make a mistake every once in awhile. And during the holidays – when your send volume and website traffic hit an all-time high – it’s even more likely that an accident will happen.

But no worries, friends: No matter how glaring your error may be, your customers will forgive you – especially if you handle your mistakes gracefully, apologetically, and with a little bit of humor. So one of the best ways to gain back customer loyalty and trust is through a clever “oops” email.

logo-graphicmailNew Logo is Just the Beginning

Today, we made an update to our website that probably went unnoticed by most visitors — we recolored our logo to green and grey. It’s a subtle difference, which begs the question…Why did we do it?

The Short Answer. Our parent company, SMTP, Inc., which acquired us last year, changed its name to SharpSpring, Inc., effective today. The logo change unifies our branding across the company’s three product offerings: GraphicMail (email and mobile marketing), SMTP (relay and transactional email), and SharpSpring (marketing automation).

logo-smart-insightsThe State of Email Marketing 2015 [Infographic]

What is the current state of Email Marketing? Email Marketing is one the most effective techniques for digital marketers, so keeping up to date with the latest trends in the industry is super important. Our recent research on the State of Email marketing in 2015 with partners GetResponse showed how marketers rate email marketing and looked at the email marketing techniques they were using.

logo-movable-inkAre the traditional benchmarks for CTRs still relevant? Yes and no

They say those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But not all history is created equal and not every view of history is the same. But how does this relate to understanding success in email marketing? There is a long list of reasons why it’s very smart for businesses to invest in email marketing for their products and services. But what’s most imperative for any marketing effort is an understanding of exactly what defines success. If you don’t define success at the beginning, you’ll never understand if the budget and resources you spent were worth the effort.

edatasource-logoCyber Monday 2015 – A Quick Look

Introduction and Takeaways
•Most Cyber Monday activity began on Saturday of the post-Thanksgiving weekend.
•Starting on that day, we detect just over 3,000 Cyber Monday campaigns with read rates in excess of 10%. Of those:
• 22% had read rates in excess of 20% • 4% had read rates in excess of 30%
•In that small ‘highest-performance’ category with >30% read rates, Amazon deployed about 7% of those emails.
•As always, the best-performing emails are being deployed to relatively small and targeted percentages of the mailer’s file.

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