eCRM-Campaign Deployment and Data Synchronization

Campaign and Data Deployment

Regardless if you are moving into a new eCRM tool or if you are deploying new marketing programs, databases play a key role during this process. For this reason, Badsender decided to create two “full-service” packs which empower you to take advantage of the expertise from our team during the deployment of new campaigns and data migration.

Migrating Campaigns and Data to a new Platform

Migrating to a new tool of eCRM Campaign Management is a little harder than you may think. Badsender will guide you in order to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Deployment of New eCRM Strategies

Setting up your new strategies in your eCRM tool may turn out to be a little tricky. Badsender offers you the experience of the best professionals in emailing and in eCRM Campaigns Deployment.

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