Campaigns and Data Migration to a new eCRM Tool

Setting up a new your emailing solution could be a rather complicated task. Depending on the scenario, it can either be your best friend or our worst enemy. It is why, proper planning an anticipating this stage is a key stone before moving into a new tool.

Badsender will guide you through these preliminary stages before the migration into your new tool. We manage the project by handling both your in-house resources and the proper specification of every tool.

The elements:

  1. Checking up the data collection coming from your former tool.
  2. Recovery of the different databases (IP addresses, domain names, etc) included in your routing status, in order to evaluate your sender’s reputation and to prevent possible deliverability issues during migration.
  3. Database cleaning up (former-tool databases).
  4. Setting up of the various authentication elements (SPF, DKIM, …) to protect your reputation as a sender.
  5. Data synchronization to your new sending tool.
  6. Setting up of “warm-up” plan in order to envision your new IP addresses.
  7. Monitoring your activity’s initialization on this new tool.
  8. Upon request: Migration of the new marketing programs deployed on your former tool (templates, scenarios, segments, etc).

What is to be delivered:

  1. Resource analysis in order to set up the migration procedure.
  2. Migration plan creation.
  3. Follow-up and support during every stage of the migration process.
  4. Deliverability monitoring during the first weeks of execution of the new solution.

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