New eCRM Strategies Deployment

Followed by a long session of in-house brainstorming, or by a strategical audit audit performed by Badsender (or any other consultant), you will be empowered to deploy the brand-new campaigns you always imagined. Often, your in-house team,having already their daily-basis workload, does not have the time to do such tasks, which are not only out-of-the-ordinary to their work activity, but also quite resource-undermining regarding the management of their daily tasks.

Our team of specialists will be responsible of handling all of the eCRM channels, as well of your databases synchronization between your data systems and the campaign management tool. When we talk about the various eCRM channels, we talk about push channels, such is email, SMS or mobile notifications, but also the pull channels, such as forms and visitor’s behavior through analytic database integration (lost box, visitor’s customization) or your CMS (products list,etc).

Our goal is to deploy your new marketing programs through the integration performed hand-in-hand with your current in-place teamwork. When the time for deployment has arrived, we will ensure that your in-house team fully manages all the achieved developments. We solely aim to render you independent, giving you freewill to set up by yourself brainstorm and training sessions all along the projects.

Which are the deployment steps of a new eCRM strategy

  • Analysis: This analysis enables us to setup a deployment plan, including all the branches of your project. At the end of this analysis, we will be able to plan a sound program, and to lever the timing during the many stages of deployment.
  • Data synchronization: Without databases, you cannot implement your marketing programs. Hence, it is highly important to ensure that all your database triggers, campaigns and automated campaigns you intend to execute, may be indeed deployable.
  • Copy writing and design elements: In addition to the data management, the various templates and messages must be conceived so they are ready to use.
  • Templates and campaigns management: It is the most important step of your deployment. The campaigns scenarios planned for the various channels will be configured in your campaign management tool by our eCRM specialists
  • Tests and team-training: The deployment tests offer a unique moment to train your teams. This stage will allow to introduce all development achieved, as well as to clearing up any topic.
  • Production Stage: Over time, the several programs will set into production. We will monitor them ensuring everything is working as it should, especially in the emails deliverability scenario during at warm-up stage.

In practice:

Our goal is to become full-project extension of your in-house teams.

  • We organize a daily checkup along with your project manager, at your office.
  • We ensure team-member ongoing availability, who are in charge of the deployment via the collaborative tools setup by Badsender (Skype, Trello, Toggl, etc).
  • We record all our work, whether it is directly into the campaign management tool, or within the code, especially inside a full record which will become the extension of the formerly made analysis.
  • We are flexible and adaptable to the changes in priority you could be subject during this deployment.

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