Press Release Badsender announces 4 new partnerships: Selligent, IBM Silverpop, Actito et Mailjet.

Mai the 7th 2015, Paris/Brussels — After long deliberation, Agency has decided to become partner for the first time with 4 leaders in the email campaign and eCRM management.

Through this partnerships, Badsender proves sound commitment to continuing offering advertisers campaign-management solutions on full service or hybrid modes (partial outsourcing of the production chain). However, we keep doors opened to exploit new solutions to which we have no partnership, neither we restrain third-party solutions to join our shortlist, this with the end of providing support when choosing eCRM platforms.

Four leaders in the email marketing and eCRM management

SelligentSelligent’s platform is one automatized marketing and data-management solution empowering customized monitoring of the procedure. Selligent is fully capable to link in real time customer’s databases and behavioral databases to convey marketing campaigns through multiple eCRM channels — email, Web, mobile, SMSs, etc.

IBM SilverpopSilverpop Engage is a digital-marketing platform specialized in marketing and email marketing automation. This solutions encompasses several data analyzing modules enhancing the quality of interactions among consumers, as well as the recipients’ behavior analysis. Thanks to this, it is possible to foresee the best communication threshold.

ActitoActito is a relationship marketing tool conceived to be deployed by marketers. The highlights of this solutions are strong customization of its interface that simplifies the process of complex tasks. Actito allows customer’s follow-up through each stage of their life-cycles, as well as interaction with them according to their progress.

MailjetMailjet is an email-sending-oriented solution combining both email marketing and transactional email sending features. Mailjet can be ran though a graphic interface, but also it enables developers to use a SMPT connector and an API to optimize 100 % graphic interface features.

Over 40 management solutions for email and eCRM campaigns in France

According to a recent study, Badsender counted up more than 40 management solutions for email campaigns in France. Facing this large number of unequal professionals, advertisers looking for tools adapted to their needs may feel left behind. This solution goes from formulaires allowing email sending to an address-list without any possible customization or segmentation, to platforms requiring sharp expertise administrating hundreds of thousands of contacts, as well as an extended amount of communication channels.

The CEO at Jonathan Loriaux explains — ‘Our partnerships represent the best of what is currently in progress on the marketing and eCRM automation arena. Nonetheless, we do not intend to stop here and new partnerships are likely to see light within the next few months, this if we consider it valuable for our customers’ —.


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