Press release: Badsender takes part in the set up of the EMDay foundation

The outset of an emarketing-devouted association

emday-squareMai the 6th 2015, Strasbourg/Brussels — Having successfully achieved its 2 first ceremonies, EMDay has nailed its place as one of the biggest events in the e-marketing arena. This day is devoted to trendy conference topics, round table debates, good practice diffusion through workshops, as well as to provide the emarketing professionals once a year an environment to encounter and to exchange ideas.

Founded by the emarketing agency Clic et Site, and by its founder Régis Bacher, EMDay got in the blink of an eye the support of the many different French emarketing professionals, including bloggers, consultants, routers, writers, etc.

And so was brought to life the email marketing day association, developing naturally in an environment where email-marketing and digital experts prevailed.

This association aims to:

  • Organize the upcoming EMDay conventions
  • Promote good emailing practices

EMDay was founded by:

  • Régis Bacher – Clic et Site
  • Charles Boone – Snipemail
  • Bruno Florence – Florence Consultant
  • Bruno Fridlansky – Consonaute
  • Jonathan Loriaux – Badsender
  • Julie Mandry – Clic et Site
  • Olivier Verrier – Elliott

The chairman of this worldwide association (oh yeah, there are to Belgians here) is held by Régis Bacher.

Little reminder: The next EMDay will take place at Strasbourg, on Mai the 29th. Currently, there are over 350 registered places, of people looking forward to exchange their email marketing expertises.

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