Having expertise in the emarketing field, Badsender is aware of the importance of your privacy. It is all time possible to ask for a copy of your personal data stored in Badsender’s databases, and to ask for its removal or modification.

Data collected

Badsender collects data from newsletter subscriptions, commercial interchange and through the Call Back box. Some databases are also collected anonymously (see Cookies).

Data access, modification and suppression.

You are entitled at all time to:

  • Access to your personal data for verification purposes.
  • Ask for correction or update.
  • Ask for a removal of your personal data from our databases.

To proceed, please contact Badsender using the details at the bottom of this page.

Database exploitation

Collected data may be used as follows:

  • Commercial advertising (newsletters, promotion, etc).
  • Badsender’s commercial activity management (billing, promotion, etc).
  • Statistics purposes.

If you no longer agree to receive emails containing information from our emails, do not hesitate to contact Badsender.


When surfing through our website, Badsender is likely to store data on your computer using cookies or similar files.

On most Internet browsers, you are empowered to suppress cookies from your hard drive, disable them, or receive an alert from its presence before they are enabled.