A team with expertise in eCRM and Email Marketing

Badsender provides a full team of HTML specialists, copywriters and designers ready to improve the performance of email marketing and eCRM campaigns. We do not only endeavor the best practices as well as the operational side of the production, but we offer complete attention in order to ensure an excellent outcome and overall improvement. If needed, our team will pro-actively offer you to run AB test— or some other useful enhancement actions.

We can help you throughout many specific topics, but also throughout the management of all your creation and production stages, as well as of your eCRM programs.

Full Service and Hybrid Production

Badsender allows you to outsource all your strategy approach, deployment and email marketing production urges. Our goal is to become an extension of your marketing service, at the service of your business.

Emails HTML integration

HTML integration demands a great deal of experience. Many Webmails and email customers have created a rather hard-to-manage environment, leading to a failure on optimate-reading conditions for users.

Email Design

Email ergonomics demand specific skills. On top of being conceived with a different objective, other than Webmails, email design must take into account the restrictions from HTML integration.

Emailing and eCRM Copywriting

Creating copy content out of emails to SMS notifications or pop-ups, is not an easy task. Our eCRM specialists will create impactful copywriting keeping one goal in mind: improve the response rate of your activity.