Email copywriting

Writing messages for emails, SMS notifications or pop-ups, is not an easy task.

Which title are to be employed in order to grant that your email will be opened? What to write in an SMS notification I order to call an action? How to create push notifications which will optimize the usage-rate of your mobile app?

For many years, our eCRM specialists have written impactful content with one goal in mind: Improve the response-rate of your actions.

Our copywriting solutions include:

  • Email and newsletters writing: We will write your emails based on the outlines provided by your product or market managers.
  • Lead acquisition’s pop-ups and forms writing: A good copy on your inbound marketing channels is the best way to improve your lead acquisition rates and to start eCRM communication with the right foot.
  • Marketing automation writing: Whether it is about your welcoming and recommendation programs, or about your post-purchase cycle, we will write your messages on every channel, from emails, mobile notifications, to SMSs.

In practice:

  • We start with a brief brainstorming session (depending on the project) aiming to define the proper communication strategy based on your email marketing and eCRM strategy.
  • We will conceive a briefing— which will be validated by you and which will become the main canvass for the writer—.
  • The copywriter does the magic and sends you a writing proposal, looking forward to answer your needs throughout the many channels.
  • Optional: We offer email designing, upon request.
  • We follow up the writer’s performances, and we offer you to run an AB test when the projects are appropriate.

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