Email Design

Email ergonomics demand some specific skills. In addition to having a different goal than a Web page, email design must also take into account the restriction from HTML integration. However, the growth of mobiles lead also to specific email designs. We have to adapt to these user’s new interacting changes depending of the email opening location, the moment of the day, etc. These elements demand that the design is the outcome of a deep insight in terms of user experience and interface.

Badsender will plunge into your web design team to adapt your visual environment to the the specific criteria demanded on email design. Our goal is to follow as closely as possible the user’s experience already set in place in your different communication channels, and to deliver you flawless work you can take ownership of.

Our design solutions:

All our email designs include (upon request) a standard desktop version, and one or several, mobile versions (smartphone and/or tablets).

  • Newsletter design: For heavy contents, whether writing or advertising.
  • Transactional Email Design: Purchase and subscription confirmations, alerts, notifications.
  • “Flash” email design: For your business emails with only one call to action (like flash sales).
  • A complete email communication design package: An approach of the complete email communications redesign, we manage the redesign of all your emails ensuring concordance between them.

What will be delivered:

  • Design for desktop and mobile versions.
  • Development Files (PSD).
  • Illustrations and their copyrights.
  • Fonts Files.
  • Records.
  • Upon request, the HTML files of the designed emails.

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