We love HTML email coding!

HTML email coding demands a great deal of experience. Many Webmails and email customers created a rather hard-to-manage environment, leading to a failure on optima-reading conditions for users. Moreover, the spreading of mobile emails added another layer of complexity on this issue.

We code your email projects into email HTML so that they are compatible with all the email clients on the market and they can grant you better visibility. You also want your emails to be mobile compliant? Not a problem!

We test your emails in more than 30 email platforms and webmails !

We take quality control seriously. We test manually and use “Email On Acid” to test in over 30 email clients and webmails.


Our various HTML integrations solutions:

  • Re-integration of an existing HTML in compliance with all the Webmails and email clients in the market.
  • Newsletter transformation to comply with mobile devices.
  • HTML coding from a new design (see also our email design solutions).
  • HTML email codingfor mobile compliance from a new email design.

What is to be delivered:

  • One commented HTML file.
  • Enhanced images.
  • Upon request, some codes specific to your campaign management tool (unsubscribe links, web version link, etc).

In practice:

  • You send us your existing HTML template or your new email design.
  • On this basis, we explain you the HTML email integration constraints.
  • If you give us your accordance, we integrate your project.
  • The new template is tested in Email On Acid to guarantee the highest compatibility rate with the many email clients and Webmails.
  • We send you the email in real conditions for validation.
  • We deliver the files.
  • Upon request, we integrate your template into your campaign management tool.

A few samples

Since years, we build custom email templates for brands like SushiShop, Pierre et Vacances, La Libre Belgique, Center Parcs, La Grande Récré, …


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