Full service and hybrid: Your email marketing and eCRM production outsourcing.

Full-service? It means we can manage all your needs regarding email marketing and eCRM. It goes from the strategic conception to the entire email production.

Hybrid? Maybe you have a part of the resources demanded on your email campaigns and eCRM program production. Such is the case, we adapt ourselves by bringing our expertise only where you need it. Our goal will remain to render you independent. We are not interested in making you a dependent of us.

Badsender offers you to outsource all your needs in terms of strategy, deployment and email marketing production. Our goal is to be an extension of your marketing services, by serving your business.

Our outsourcing solutions

  • Full-service Mode: Your project manager will play the part of an eCRM manager for your company. He will manage the strategic coordination, the budget constraints and the production planning. Every week or month, he will report with a complete review of the results of the various campaigns put into production and the next planning cycle.
  • Hybrid mode: A project manager will be in charge of being the link with your eCRM team regarding the projects you choose to outsource. It can be only the copywriting, the HTML integration, the deliverability monitoring, … or a combination of the many solutions Badsender offers you.
  • Temporary solutions: In some cases, you need to outsource a part of your resources due to some huge project requiring a bigger manpower force, or simply because you have some vacancies. In such cases, Badsender can provide the resources for a specific time span, properly replying to your shortage.

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