Training in Deliverability

You are lost with all those email-deliverability questions and you do not know where or how to face them? Are you experiencing technical issues or marketing issues as well? Which are the hints showing you what is your current place in all this?

We offer a one-day training session in which you will broaden your knowledge on these problems. The complex art of deliverability involves technical as well as marketing issues. We will help you to get a better view on subjects such as reputation, filtering technology, good practice, among others.

This training in deliverability includes several subjects:

  • Overall Email Sending
  • Why is my email deliverability having problems?
  • The many different Filtering Methods
  • Email Sender’s Reputation
  • The different Deliverability Axes (the good-practiced related)
  • Data Quality
  • Technical Architecture
  • Email Content
  • Sender’s ID
  • Other good practices
  • How to remain updated

What will be delivered:

  • One-day training
  • A sideshow at your disposal
  • Optional: A workshop customized on your own deliverability practices

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