Badsender eCRM Workshops

We are here not to become, but to inspire you (Badsender)!

To extend the user’s experience and to automatize your marketing: These are 2 goals often sought. It is easy to foresee the benefits of such objectives, for instance, randomly, to decrease production times and to improve reflexion periods. However, taking actions, it is not.

During this eCRM workshops, Badsender looks forward to inspire you, setting you up with the tools to achieve your projects. Supported by Jonathan Loriaux and the other Badsender collaborators, you will have a whole-day discovering experience where you will familiarize with all the opportunities offered by the various eCRM channels applied to your business.

One-day Course

1. Out of scratch: the basics of your business

As marketers, we all work under the quite specific goals provided by our direction. But in the heat of the moment, we loose frequently sight of those goals because of high pace, which force us, most of the times, to react promptly.

The goal of this workshop is to look things from a different angle. To step back and to think clearly about the objectives we once granted as obvious. What is the business model of my company? How is it evolving? How do other companies evolve within this market? How do we earn money today? And tomorrow, how will it change?

2. Customer’s life-cycle : Between glory and hopeless

During this session, you will strive to get into the shoes of 1 or 3 of your most representative customers. Which are their obstacles, doubtful and the excitement moments, and mostly, what are they facing when they search, test, purchase (for the first time and so on) your products? Which are the criteria to follow in order to take these decisions?

3. Data: listing, mapping, counting

You have got plenty of data! Some easily exploitable, some others not that much. Databases produced by your prospects/customers, Databases produced by your products/services… But also, you handle a great deal of data coming out from other sources which could be a great asset for the creativity of your marketing programs.

4. eCRM channels! Digital and Hyper-Customisable

That’s truth, eCRM is not only about emails. Unfortunately, we do not keep always in mind (nor we master) of all the channels which allow us to customize the user’s experience.

We will try to accurately define all the channels available for your company, as well as up to which stage they can be exploited: SMS, Email, Web Customization, Mobile Notifications, Mobile App’s, Facebook-audience customized, On-paper campaign management (yes, we ares serious about this).

5. Take your customers and prospects with you!

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

This is the creative part of the day (and the most time-demanding one!) Based on the first 4 steps, we will set which path your company shall follow in order to automatize your email marketing programs and to improve customer’s experience.

We will go as far as possible within the limit of the allotted time, seeking to inspire you and let you come out of this day with a lot of fresh new ideas. Concrete, result-oriented and do-able ideas.

In practice::

  • The place:
    • A neutral and pleasant place to work away from disturbs and interruptions (even in-hose-company we strive to put ourselves scarce).
    • The eCRM workshop goes into your city, based on demand (everywhere in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg).
  • The participants:
    • Up to 4 participants willing to let everyone speak freely.
    • Inter or in-house company. Your call.
    • During the inter-company workshops, 4 brainstormers from diverse fields (you won’t be afraid of speaking up).
    • B2C-or-B2B-oriented sessions.
  • A day going analog:
    • No more endlessly Powerpoint sideshows (not at all, indeed).
    • Not a single Internet connection (however, we will not stop you to check on your emails during the breaks)
    • A whiteboard (and a camera to keep some memories of our scribbles).
    • Big sheets (and some color pens).
    • Rested (and boiling) minds.
  • Price and Privacy:
    • 550€ per participant , excluding taxes (possibility of group prices in-house—company).
    • A non-disclosure agreement is to be signed by all the participants, in order to ensure the privacy of the information to be shared.

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